Learn how to turn your Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater in 6 weeks

A step-by-step program to improve your child's appetite, nutrition, and relationship with food. 

You’re frustrated trying to figure out what to feed your child (versus the same ol’ foods).


You’re emotionally exhausted from working so hard just to get them to eat.


You’ve tried different “tricks” which help for a day or two, but nothing has REALLY changed.


You just want an expert to show you EXACTLY what to do.


I get it. I struggled with my daughter’s appetite & eating too. Until I implemented these 6 phases. They changed EVERYTHING.


This 6 phase program takes you by the hand (step 1, step 2, step 3…) and helps you create a meal your child ENJOYS, improves their willingness to explore new foods, and creates a healthy & happy eater in the long term.

You’re frustrated trying to figure out what to feed your child (versus the same ol’ foods).


You’re emotionally exhausted from working so hard just to get them to eat.


You’ve tried different “tricks” which help for a day or two, but nothing has REALLY changed.


You just want an expert to show you EXACTLY what to do.


I get it. I struggled with my daughter’s appetite & eating too. Until I implemented these 6 phases. They changed EVERYTHING.


This 6 phase program takes you by the hand (step 1, step 2, step 3…) and helps you create a meal your child ENJOYS, improves their willingness to explore new foods, and creates a healthy & happy eater in the long term.

By the end of this program:

  • You will be celebrating when your child FINALLY shows interest in [insert new food here]
  • You will know how to improve your child’s appetite and nutrition
  • You will know what to do if they refuse dinner and how to manage “treats” (so they aren’t abuse)
  • You will have the confidence that your little one is getting “enough” to eat
  • You will know what to do/say (and what not to do) at meals
  • You will know how to effectively respond to poor eating behaviours
  • You will have new, healthy, picky-eater friendly food and recipes
  • You will see your little one become more interested in meals
  • You will be grooming a child which will grow up to have a healthy relationship with food


Most importantly…

  • Mealtimes will be stress-free and ENJOYABLE again (dare I say, meals will actually be FUN!)
  • You will be confident in your approach (and not worried about messing things up) because virtually every step is supported through research.

Danielle’s Picky Eater Protocol (PEP) is a must for anyone suffering from mealtimes stress, anxiety, and frustration. I recommend it even if your child isn’t a picky eater”

What is the program about?


The PEP is a 6 Phase Step-by-Step Online Course that shows you how to resolve picky eating in a 6-week program.


Each phase includes:

  • Videos: short, yet eye-opening (watch them from any device, at any time)
  • A Simple Email: with step-by-step guidance on exactly what to do next
  • Cheat Sheets & Printables: summarizing key info for future reference
  • Exercise Sheets: to help you implement each step (simple & fun to complete)


  • Q&A calls: het your questions answered by a Nutritionist & Picky Eating Expert.
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to all content, so you can go at your own pace.

Let’s do this!


Starts this week.


“I dreaded every meal with my daughter, Sienna. We tried all the tricks to help her eat better, but the picky eating persisted and her weight faltered. So I decided to dog into the research and do things differently.


With Certifications in Nutrition and children’s eating. I created a program that changed mealtime forever – for many families. These are the simple, yet powerful strategies in the Picky Eater Protocol (PEP).


My daughter was extremely picky, yet today she is an adventurous eater and thriving – picky eating is in or past.


If this program was life-changing for us (and so many others.) imagine what it can do for your own”.

“Things have improved drastically since starting the PEP. I cannot believe how far he is come and how much he is now willing to try!”

6 Step-By-Step Phases


With PROVEN Strategies That Help Children Eat Better

Phase 1 – The Foundation


How to set your child (and your family) up for enjoyable and stress-free meals.


  • Understand where your child falls on the spectrum of picky eating (so you can respond appropriately and effectively)
  • Rule our underlying challenges that could be driving the picky eating
  • Why children become picky and how to proactively address it
  • Critical tool to reduce stress at meals
  • How to feed an underweight vs. overweight child the right way

Phase 2 – The Day


How to structure your days and meals to boost appetite and food intake.


  • What a typical appetite should look like for children
  • Why your child may not be hungry and 5 effective appetite booster
  • Key nutrients for improving appetite and how to get them in diet
  • The perfect daytime routine with the timing of meals/snacks

​Phase 3 – The table


How to define roles at the table and fix frustrating eating behaviors


  • Get clarity on exactly what role parents must play at meals
  • The biggest mistakes preventing your child from eating (and what to do instead)
  • 6 phrases to avoid at meals (and the most powerful things you should say)

Phase 4 – The tools


How to create a meal environment that optimizes better eating.


  • 9 must-have tools and products for picky eaters
  • How to handle meal distractions so they don’t become a requirement long-term
  • The one thing every picky eater needs at every meal

Phase 5 - The Meal


How to prepare a balanced meal for picky eaters and improve their variety.


  • 6-step process for encouraging kids to try new foods
  • How to get more veggies on their plate (the right way)
  • What beverages to offer, when and how much
  • How to treat "treats" and sweets & make them LESS desirable

Phase 6 - The Nutrition


How to know which foods to prioritize for picky eaters for optimal nutrition


  • How to ensure your child is getting enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber
  • What every meal needs for balanced blood sugar (and fewer tantrums)
  • 10 amazing nutrient-dense foods for picky eaters
  • 5 common nutrient deficiencies in children (and how to remedy them)
  • 3 must-have supplements every child needs - picky or not (and why they are crucial for optimal health, immunity and development)

“The Picky Eater Program was a game-changes in our mealtime experience.”

3 Package Options

Self-learning pack with the tools you need to make changes.

Perfect if you would like minimal support.

Group support and daily access to expert guidance

Perfect if you want advice & accountability when you need it.

The best of group support and personal consultation in one.

Perfect if you would like more hands-on custom support.

Weekly Emails & Videos (view from any device) - $590 value

Exercise Sheets & Printables - $90 value

One or Two Group Q&A Calls - up to $180 value

Members-Only Facebook Group **VOTED AS FAVOURITE - $200 value


DAILY Access to Expert Advice **VOTED AS FAVOURITE - $290 value  


Personal Mealtime Review via video - $150 value **NEW**


Group Q&A Call 


Food Journal Assessment (with nutrition advice) - $90 value 



60-Minute 1:1 Consult (via Skype or phone) - $250 value



Sensory Workshop (and Q&A with OT expert) - $300 value



4-Week Meal Plan - $100 value BONUS ends @12am EST





-- or --

-- or --

-- or --

3-Months Payment Plan ($100 Off)

*Taxes apply. CDN currency




The PEP is definitely worth your time & money. I have learned so many great tips & recipes that have made our mealtimes more enjoyable, healthy & less stressful. My son is more willing to try new foods without any pressure to do so.

30 Day Guarantee

Not sure if you're ready to make changes?

What if you don't see progress?

I want to give you a risk-free chance to try the Picky Eater Protocol with a 30-day guarantee.

Reach out within 30 days, and I will happily offer you a full refund.

Just show me you've watched the videos, implemented all the steps, completed worksheets, and participated in the Facebook group, yet have seen no improvements.

V I P Perks


*For VIP & VIP Plus members/**


For VIP Plus members only

Perk #1*

Private Facebook Group & DAILY Support


The program takes you step-by –step, but being part of a supportive group with access to expert help is valuable. You will NEVER feel like you’re doing this alone


  • Connect with an intimate community of parents who are ging to through the program with you.
  • Access to support from Danielle via the group. Ask questions and quickly troubleshoot any little (or big) challenger.
  • Get inspired with new recipes and mealtime wins from other parents.

Perk #2*

Personal Mealtime Assessment

Sometimes it’s difficult to articulate exactly what is happening at your dinner table – why your child isn’t eating how meals are presented, etc. this is an opportunity to get Danielle’s first hand advice with a video review.


  • Record and post a video of a meal with your child/family in the group
  • Danielle will review and provide individual feedback regarding what is working well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Perk #3**

Food Journal Assessment​

With a picky eater it’s natural to worry about whether they are getting sufficient amounts of food and nutrition. This bonus will give you peace of mind.

  • Have your child’s food journal assesses by a Certified Nutritionist.
  • Received specific nutritional advice and supplement recommendations where necessary.

Perk #4**

60-Minute Customer Consultation​

Takes your personal support to the next level. An unique opportunity to get personalized advice and guidance directly from the expert.

  • A one-hour personal consultation with Nutritionist & Picky Eating Expert via phone or video call.
  • Receive a printable custom protocol with your recommendations.
  • Get solutions for any challenges to your own or your child’s nutrition, health, supplementation, meal prep and mealtime strategies.

Perk #5**

Sensory Workshop & Expertise​

This is ideal for parents who suspect underlying sensory or oral motor challenges behind their child’s eating.

  • Participate in a one hour online session where you will learn all about the role of senses in eating (and get access to tools and sensory solutions).
  • Then join a live Q&A with a pediatric Occupational Therapist and Sensory Expert all your questions answered.

What Other Moms Had to Say

Before we even finished the PEP I saw huge improvements with my daughter! Mealtime is fun and I only make one meal for the family :)


Dinners where always a struggle, I would make dinner for my husband and myself and then make another dinner for my daughter,it drove me nuts! After working with Danielle and doing the PEP I saw almost immediate difference in not only my stress level at meal time but also in my daughters attitude. it's still a process, but when I use the techniques I have learned she is more willing to try new foods, and my favorite part is that I am down to only making one dinner a night for the entire family!


-Jesse (mom of 2 year old)

Before starting the PEP, our son literally only ate yogurt, chicken nuggets and potato chips. We had been evaluated by Occupational Therapist and Gastroenterology doctors and had read countless books on picky eating, and hadn't been able to get anywhere.


Now, after implementing some of Danielle's strategies, we now have a boy who is asking questions, who loves cooking and who now is trying SO MANY new foods! He has also gained 2 pounds in the past few months (while he wasn't underweight, he definitely was in danger of falling off his growth curve!) We are so proud of him and are so excited to continue impletementing Danielle's eating strategies.


-Dominique Harper (mom of 4 year old)

I liked the real, practical strategies for changing mindset and behavior. They illustrated to me that so many of us moms do what we "think" is right to help our kids eat well and how those actions can actually be "harmful". It was so interesting to see all the difference study results Danielle presented.


My son now require/uses far less distractions while at the table (iphone, etc.). I think he is curious about new foods and also hardly ever cries at the table now when something he isn't familiar with is presented to him.


-Jillian (mom of 2.5 year old)

The Picky Eater Protocol is great! Daniell is friendly, informative and communicates picky eating 101 extremely well. It was nice to have all the information that I need by watching a few short videos, instead of trying to find the time and read books. The Facebook support group is an extra bonus to know that you have other parent’s support and you’re little one isn’t the only picky eater out there.


I highly recommend this program if you are struggling with your little one. As a parent we want our kids to eat healthy and it can be very frustrating at times. Danielle taught me what my role is as a parent and unique approaches to improve my son’s eating habits. Amazing!


-Lisa Kvapil (mom of 2 year old, 4 year old)

My son is so much more interested in foods. He asks what everything is on the table, and what his sister is eating. Even outside of meals, he’s been sitting with me out of his own volition to meal plan and watch cooking videos to pick what we should make for snacks or meals. Its been a change for the positive.


The Picky Eating Program has really changed the way our family approaches mealtimes. I would recommend this program to anyone that experiences stress at mealtimes or spends more time convincing  their child to eat dinner than asking how their day at school went! We used to be that family, sometimes it felt like a battle of wills, not enjoyable and definitely not healthy. We were at lost to how to get our son to try his meal. The PEP showed us how to change our expectations and gave our son to try his meal. The PEP showed us how to change our expectations and gave our son more control during meal times. The results were amazing, a happy child at the table, engaging in meal planning, interacting with foods and slowly but surely trying some new foods as he become more comfortable with the food. We look forward to meals now, one meal for the whole family, where the focus is quality time while we eat together.


-Leslie Hesse (mom of 1 and 3 year old)

This course has changes our lives. From failure to success, stress to fun, picky eating to eating well- the guidance and education in this course are worth every penny!


The fun and joy has returned into our home at mealtimes. As someone who works in health care it has been beyond frustrating to have a child not interested in the healthy choices we are trying so hard to teach him to make a part of his life. I often felt like a failure with meals and this course has helped my husband and I, by giving us the tools to help set our child up for a success. Thanks Danielle!


-Jill Pointz (mom of 4 year old and 3 month old)

What can I say… Danielle is amazing to work with! She helped me de-stress more at mealtimes, provides great help and info along with the support of her amazing Facebook group. I just loved everything about this program.


-Anita Dejiniki (mom of 3 year old and 1 year old)

The PEP has been a life changing program! Mealtimes were so stressful and long. With Danielle’s help, it actually became fun


-Basant (mom of 2 year old)

Danielle has been amazing to work with. She’s been a huge support throughout the PEP and you can tell that helping moms around picky eating is a passion. She has provided us with strategies and ideas that we never even considered before her and they are working!! Mealtimes are no longer painful, and my kids are becoming more comfortable with new foods!


-Erin Lawless (mom of 2 and 4 year old)

As a mom of a son who is classified as “Problem” eater with sensory issues, my stress level at mealtimes was an 11 out of 10! The PEP program changed how our family approaches mealtimes. Danielle’s simple and effective strategies have transformed meals into an enjoyable experience, redurec my son’s anxiety and opened new door to incorporating nutritious foods on a daily basis. I would recommend the PEP program to anyone looking to make mealtime improvements and give yourself peace of mind that you are doing the best you can for your little ones.


-Erin Pigott (mom of 3.5 and 6 year old)

As a mother you are always wanting the best for your children. Danielle is incredibly knowledgeable and understanding of nutrition and the needs of children. You and your family will be eating in a much and stress-free environment.


I strongly recommend her program. You will most definitely be more knowledgeable and confident after completing it.


-An awesome & anonymous mom

I leaned so much from the PEP program and I have seen improvement with my son’s eating habits and his interest in trying new foods. After 5 weeks in the PEP I can really say that I am not stressed anymore because I have seen improvement with my eldest son (5 yrs old) as he is willing to try more new foods now.


Aside from all the information provided I have also acquired new healthy recipes I can prepare at home. This course exceeded my expectations.


-Jenn (mom of 5 year old and 7 month old)

The Picky Eater Protocol opened my eyes to what was really happening day after day at our family table and enabled us to make the changes that were needed to overcome those challenges.


-Bianca Colle (mom of 3 year old)

Danielle’s approach is very personal and genuine. She really cares that each and every person participating is getting value and will work with your specific situation/challenges to maximize your progress. The PEP community gas also been excellent. It’s helpful to hear other people’s struggles and accomplishments and know that you’re not alone or they understand why you are so happy when your child took a bite of fish one night! My son used to cry when he sat at the table to eat dinner. Now he will try new foods without fussing.


-Katie Gaustad (mom of 2 and 5 year old sons)

PEP is definitely woth your time and money, I have learned so many great tips & recipes that have made our mealtime more enjoyable, healthy & less stressful. My son is more willing to try new foods without any pressure to do so.

-Ivana Alaqua (mom of 1.5 year old)

Danielle has been amazing for my son and our whole family. Mealtimes used to be so stressful and we realized through this protocol that we were doing all of the wrong things. He would rather ear any vegetables on their own before the PEP. With this program and Danielle’s guidance he is now trying so many more foods. He LOVES making meals with me and trying different ingredients that I used to “hide”. We are all much more relaxed at the table!


This protocol was so hepful for my 2.5 year old but I will also be using these strategies going forward with my baby. Thank you Danielle for this amazing program and all of your guidance! I highly recommend it to any parent struggling with mealtime!


-Erin Avramidis (mom of 2 year old and 6 month old)

Your Questions Answered


If your question isn't here, email us!


How does it work?


You will get immediate access to the "Picky Eater Protocol", starting with the first phase of content.


You will receive weekly emails with material for each phase (short videos, cheat sheets, worksheets). Week 1: you'll receive Phase 1. Week 2: you'll get Phase 2, and so on.


This content will be available for a lifetime. So if you're not ready to start right now, no problem. 


Each Phase includes short, jam-packed videos (under 15minutes each) with effective mealtime strategies to implement at home. You can watch each of the videos at your own pace (I know life with kids is unpredictable!). You'll also get downloadable Worksheets to fill in and walk you through the steps, plus Cheat Sheets with key takeaways and reminders


The program is REALLY simple. Complete one phase then move on to the next. You can go back and review the others anytime.


How much time will I need to invest?


This program was designed for busy parents. Videos are under 15 minutes each, but you can watch them in small chunks or all at once. You can also watch (or listen to) all videos content from any device, at any time. Waiting in line at the grocery store, while in transit, or before bed.


All you need is ~30 minutes per week, The weekly worksheets are optional but only require a few minutes to complete. Implementing each step takes very little extra time compared to what you are doing today.

In fact, you will likely SAVE time overall!


How much reading is required?


Almost none! All of the content is delivered via videos, which is perfect for visual learners. In each phase, there are 1-2 cheatsheets (to review of the video content) and 1-2 worksheets (only a few pages to fill in and help you walk through the steps). That's it.


How long is the program?


The program is divided into 6 Phases and the content is delivered over six weeks. Reason being, your child has likely been "picky" for months, or maybe even years. So its important that the new strategies are implemented over time. i don't want you to rsh through it or overwhelm your family with too much change.


I will send you weekly emails for the six weeks to guide you through the Phases and tell you EXACTLY what to do next. You can always move slower, as long as you're consistent once you implement a new step.

You have lifetime access to the Picky Eater Protocol program and to the support Facebook Group.


How long will it take to see changes?


Just as picky eating didn't happen overnight, seeing big changes from your child will take time. Especially if he is she has been a selective for a long time. With some strategies you will see changes right away, with others it may take weeks or months of consistency.


Every child is different. Improvements happen faster for some and slower for others depending on their personality, history, underlying challenges, and most importantly your consistency during the program and afterwards.


What if the timing isn't right?


As a parent, I've learned there's never a good time to make changes. Until time passes and we kick ourselves for not doing something about it sooner. This program was designed for busy families. You will have access to all the content forever and access to my support in the Facebook group for a year (minimum). So whether you're going on vacation, or moving, or have a sick little one, you will be able to manage just fine.

Doing it the right way

There are A LOT of random eating tips out there. I know because I desperately searched for my family.


And finally...


I had confidence I was doing the right things at meals and started to see tremendous improvements in her appetite, eating, and our stress levels.  

I wish I knew then what I know now. 


That there is a much better way to resolve picky eating. One that changed the lives of many families - like yours and mine. 


Simple solutions, big changes, better mealtimes. All it takes is 30 minutes for 6 weeks.

"Danielle provided us with strategies that we never even considered before her, and they are working!!"

If you have any questions about the Picky Eater

Protocol, please email us: info@daniellebinns.com

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