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(without the battles & bribing).

 Say goodbye to mealtime stressdrama.

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Here are just a few wins members are experiencing...

"Your advice and tools have given our family so many new & better ways to tackle the concerns I had when I joined the membership.


Refocusing how I approach a successful meal is one. Better phrases to use has been a great tip, too!!"


Mom of 3 and 5 year old

Toronto, ON



Less stress...both on our kids but also on us...has been freeing and encouraging.


At every meal now they have tried something they said they didn’t want at the start of the meal.


Mom of 4 and 6 year old

Prince George, BC

Meals in the past were stressful for my toddler, husband and I.


But learning ways to help my toddler to explore and have a positive approach with new foods has been life changing.


Couldn’t be happier with Danielle - she’s a wealth of knowledge!!!!!


Mom of 1 and 3 year old

Kawarthas, ON

Food was a miserable topic for me. I gauged my worth as a mom lower because my son wouldn't eat vegetables.


Since joining Raising Adventurous Eaters Club just a couple months ago my stress at mealtimes is cut in half.  I’ve learned how to actually enjoy meals. The tips, advice, and guidance I’ve gained is immeasurable.


Now have a group of parents to share my food wins (and misses) with.


Mom of 3 year old boy

From Utah, USA