Life is too short not to

enjoy meals with your kids. 

Let's make fun food.


food game that is




Does this sound familiar?

  • Your child is squirmy at the table. You wish they'd sit longer than 5 minutes!
  • You hate allowing screens as a distraction.  If only your child ate without it.
  • Meals are a drag. But you blank on what to say to keep your child entertained.
  • And who has the energy to be creative...every single day?

Problem solved!


Ready to stop dreading meals with your kids?


And make all those fights over food a distant memory?


The "Fun with Food" Table Talk Cards will who you how to create positive memories of eating with your family.  Starting today!


Here's what parents are saying...

  • Families are having fun without effort.

  • Kids are staying at the table longer.

  • Kids are trying new foods they didn't like.

  • Meals are finally screen-free.

  • Positive memories are being made. 

Includes 50+ digital cards you can keep on your phone, tablet, or computer.


You'll get:

  • Clever questions to keep conversations going (and your kids in their seat) without effort.
  • Quick games to make meals (and their food) so much more interesting.
  • Fun challenges that will encourage food exploration without a fight. Yippee!
  • Simple prompts to start fun conversations about food. 

Get your Mealtime Conversation Cards today!


Only $25 $20 USD

Frequently asked question

  • 1. What age do these work for?

    There are 3 categories of cards, each appealing to different age groups.  There are simpler activities and questions for children ages 1-3 years of age, others for children 3-5 years, and finally 6 years and up.  So there's something for everyone! It's fun for the whole family - mom, dad and even the grandparents!

  • 2. Are these printed cards?

    To keep costs low, and minimize delays, these conversation cards are available immediately in a digital format. So you can save them to your phone, tablet, or computer.  However, you can also print them off or laminate.  I keep them in my purse (they are perfect for keeping kids entertained at restaurants, on road trips, or while visiting family or friends).

  • 3. How many cards are there?

    There are currently just over 50 cards in the digital deck which you can use again and again.  

  • 4. Who are they good for?

    Families who have a hard time keeping their kids entertained at the table, or who want to see their mealtimes be more joyful.  While they aren't just for picky eaters, the activities included will promote positive food exploration in a creative way.

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