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Superpower Foods Placemat Bundle

A game-changing mealtime tool that makes food fun!

Help your child (picky eater or not) learn to like new foods by transforming them into a "Food Scientist".  


Take the placemat to restaurants, on vacation, or simply keep in your kitchen - no need for the iPad or toys at the table!  This tool promotes creativity, learning, and positive sensory experiences for children ages 3 and up.

What's included in the bundle?

  • A pad of 25 placemats to help your child learn to like new foods! (These placemats are 8" x 11" and printed on 100% Recycled Paper). 
  • Parent Guide with simple instructions on how to use the placemat, and thoughtful questions for each of the 4 senses.
  • Scientist Tracking Sheet with 30 foods (10 fruits, 10 proteins, 10 veggies) so you and your child can keep a record of all the foods you've explored, and identify which senses/foods to go back and further explore.
  • Customizable Scientist Tracking Sheet with space for you and your child to note and track other foods not listed in the 30 provided.

What other parents are saying...

From Rochel, mom of 5-year old 

From Josie, mom of a 6-year-old

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  • Customer Support

    Email: info@daniellebinns.com

  • Customer Support

    Email: info@daniellebinns.com